Why is Team Building Game Important?

Why is Team Building Game Important?

Team building Game is very important in a corporate teams or school teams.
The benefits of team building can include:
  • Goals are set, team members are able to understand priorities and support one another for the team.
  • Communication is important in playing the team building games as as allowing for the expression of new ideas, articulation of problems and improved work methods.
  • More effective problem solving and conflict is understood as an opportunity to resolve problems through open discussion. 
  • Encourage communication between team members and individuals
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Motivation of team members to collaborative problem solving and cooperation to achieve goals
  •  Improved levels of support and trust
  • Understand and learn from each other strength & weaknesses.

Team Building Games For Adults

Team Building Games For Adults

When you have view here, you sure know very much benefits of doing team building games for adults. I would like to share some team building games for adults here:

Drawing Sheet

Breaking the ice is the most difficult part to do. Thus ice breakers help in bringing people together and easing out the tension amongst strangers. 'Drawing Sheet' is one of the quick Team Building Games For Adults. To play this game you need pens or color pencils and paper. Divide the members in three different groups. Hand out a sheet of paper to each group. Begin the game by asking one member of the group to draw a line. Pass the sheet to the next person to continue drawing using the line drawn. Every person gets five seconds to draw. The facilitator is allowed to say stop and start. The game should be over in a minute.
In every group, every person has to have something in common with every other person present. The common things have to be different from living in the same place or working in the same office. You can ask questions like:

What is your passion?
What's your favorite book?
What's your favorite cuisine?
What's your goal?

This will help in evaluating who was the fastest person to gather the information. It will also help the persons to get introduced.

Spider's Web

Spider's web can be one of the outdoor Team Building Games For Adults  or indoor Team Building Games For Adults. Make the group of participants sit in a circle. Hand out a reel of string to one person, who is allowed to talk. The next person, who reacts to it gets the reel of string. This will eventually form a web, by the time everyone finishes talking. Now toss a ball on the web and ask the circle of members to keep the ball on the web. This is called teamwork!

Snap Hunt Game

Snap Hunt Game can be one of the funny outdoor Team Building Games for Adults or funny indoor (shopping mall)Team Building Games for Adults.

You have to prepare Paper sheets, One camera (digital or cellphone) for each team.
Sorting the teams: Take calendar pages and cut off the dates part. You only need the picture. 

Now cut the picture into 6-7 pieces (make sure the pieces are not too small). Do the same for 4-5 other calendar pictures depending on the number of teams you plan to have. Mix the pieces of calendar pictures together. Place it in a box and ask the participants to pick up one each. Now, the game is to finish the puzzle. People who are part of the same picture are to find each other. You will have the teams sorted out. However, don't divide the picture more than 6 pieces, or else the assembling becomes complicated.

Prior Preparation: Write down the feats, which the teams are expected to achieve on pieces of paper. All the four teams are to receive the same set of feats to accomplish. Examples of feats are:

Click a picture consisting of ten different pairs of footwear
Click a picture of two bald men
Click a picture of 8 people drinking water at the same time
Click a picture of five men seated on chairs
Click a picture of two hands painted with red nail polish
Click a picture of a black handbag with a white scarf coming out of it
Click a picture of 11 hands placed one above the other
Click a picture of three women in white clothes, etc.
You can alter the feats as per your liking and the available resources. Keep some easy, moderate and difficult feats.

How to Play this Team Building Games for Adults? Give the participants one hour to accomplish the tasks. The time of the activity can be altered as per the level of difficulty. The teams are required to click pictures of the asked items in the way told on the paper. The one who submits all the pictures in the shortest possible time is the winner.

What you will learn from this Team Building Games for Adults? This Team Building Games for Adults involves team work, co-ordination, communication and delegation of work. The teams must allot feats to team members and must find quicker and intelligent ways to accomplish the feat before the other teams. Marketing and convincing skills also come into play because the participants will have to convince people to lend them their belongings to take the necessary pictures.

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